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Two women developed the GO ON GAME

Helle Tholstrup, child life specialist.

Anette Lybech, pediatric nurse.

Both have many years experience with and insight into the crises that children may experience.



Pediatric nurse, Anette Lybech



”I have worked as a pediatric nurse for many years, first in the Children’s Cancer Ward at the University Hospital of Aarhus at Skejby and later in the children’s intensive care and in child Psychiatry.  The focus of my work has been to help the patients and their family cope with the difficulties that they are in.

From 2007 to February 2013 I have worked in the Emergency Ward in a project called ”Child-level emergency”.  For this work I have received the Hospital’s Cornelia prize.  In this ward I was also the director of the development project ”Hospital clowns in the Emergency Ward”.

In February 2013 I returned to Children`s Ward at the University Hospital at Skejby.

I am married and have three grown-up children.”

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Child life specialist, Helle Tholstrup



”I worked as a pedagogue at Naerumgaard and Djursland from 1970 to 1990.  From 1990 I worked as a hospital pedagogue in the Children’s Ward at what was then called Aarhus Kommunehospital.  In 1996 this ward was moved to the University Hospital at Skejby and I worked in the Children’s Cancer Ward until 2010.

In 2001 I visited Canada, the US and Russia in order to examine how these nations approach the issue of children’s coping strategies in illness and life-threatening circumstances.

Since then I have created COPINGKITS – an aid to the nurses when they prepare the children for the procedure ahead of them.  The KIT consists of various tools that describe the procedures, e.g. the CVK catheter for chemotherapy, amputation, stomach pumps and oral hygiene.  The KIT also contains a film that I made featuring Angus, the hospital clown.

Anette Lybech sparred with me when I developed the COPINGKIT.

For many years I was also involved with children’s theater, especially The Raven and ”Filuren” and with street theater and television and I travelled throughout Russia, China and Tibet with Patch Adams, the famous clown.

I am a photographer and a weaver and I love portraying the odd, the …. The jovial and ”what does not meet the eye” and I have had exhibitions in several places in Denmark  among others the Charlottenborg Museum in Copenhagen.”

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About us



We started working together in 1997 where we created the fairy tale ”Prince Quickwit” for a boy with leuchemia.  This opened up a rush of new ideas and the development of various coping tools for children at the University Hospital of Aarhus at Skejby.

Our work has taught us to touch the healthy inside the sick child through our presence and through games and play.

We find that there is almost always a readiness for fun and play even behind a most sad and resigned behaviour – given the right timing and the right approach.  And we have discovered that this interaction can help the children and the people close to them COPE with the difficulties that they face.

Today we know of the positive effect of a structured play-and-learning activity and we have succeeded in transferring such acitivites to traumatized children in war zones and in situations of natural catastrophes.  With the same positive results.

After the tsunami in Indonesia and Thailand in 2004 we came up with the idea of a game for traumatized children in refugee camps.

In 2005 we presented the first prototype of the game GO ON to the Red Cross.  They liked the game.  A year later we tried it out at Jelling Refugee Camp and in 2007 the Red Cross sent us to refugee camps in Pakistan to see how it worked there.

The trip to Pakistan was very educational.  It affirmed our previous experience and it touched us deeply and gave us many new experiences.

A year later the Red Cross sent us to Cambodia, this time to introduce the game to delegates of the Red Cross and to play GO ON with local children.

In 2009 we established the enterprise GO ON GAME.

Today the game is played in Pakistan, Georgia, Cambodia, Syria, Palestine, Canada and Denmark.

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There are no problems – Only solutions


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