What is GO ON?

What is GO ON?

GO ON is a boardgame.  When you play the game you will increase your insight into your own feelings  as well as those of others.

GO ON is a coping tool developed for children in critical situations all over the world.





GO ON is a game involving our most important feelings: joy, anger, anxiety, disgust, shock, and grief.  By playing GO ON the children involved are encouraged to touch many different emotional expressions.  Simultaneously, they gain and insight into the body and the functions, that relate to these emotions.  In this way, children grow emotionally wiser –with regard to their own feelings as well as those of others.”

Kit Bødker, psychologist.


Why GO ON?





–          to develop a language in which to express emotions

–          to teach the value of both giving and receiving help

–          to provide a safe environment in which to learn

–          to create a communal activity for up to 28 children




–          to enhance body-language – to mime emotions, animals and concepts

–          to guess and learn about emotions, animals and concepts


–          to give and receive help

–          to strengthen the sense of community

–          to encourage imagination and creativity

–          to learn to follow rules

–          to train decision-making

–          to strengthen joy

–          to provide a springboard for further conversation




GO ON has:

–          visual and detailed rules

–          educational directions for use

–          a well-structured design




The coloured dice has been cast.  Where does the game piece land? Do we have to mime and guess – score a support card – move forth or back?



GO ON can be played in several variations:


– anyone with an understanding of and interest in children can
facilitate the GO ON GAME.

If facilitated by somebody without specific professional skills it is an entertaining boardgame with rules, interplay with others, excitement and fun.


– GO ON is also a tool for professional adults who wish to work with children through a consciousness-raising game that involves a deeper level of feeling and emotions in a child in crisis.  For this there is a manual.

GO ON has been tested in Danish schools, in asylum centers and in refugee camps in Pakistan and Cambodia in cooperation with the Red Cross.


GO ON exists in two editions:

Go on giant board of 3 meters by 3 meters


Go on table edition of 0,6 meter by 1 meter.

GO ON as a table game can be played by 2 to 12 players
from the age of 5 to 105.

GO ON in the giant version consists of a game board printed on weatherproof material
consisting of 7 lanes joined together by Velcro.
Can be played by 8 to 28 players, from the age of 5 to 105.




 Bring enjoyment into the game – that is GO ON